Our monthly networking breakfast, usually attended by both brands and agencies. The makeup is extremely varied, and we often see groups of 2-3 from members attend. We typically have 60-70 people at each breakfast, and over the last 12 months, we’ve covered: SEO, Print, B2B, Social Media, Podcasting, Influencer Marketing, and Purposeful Content.

Future Content Sessions

A bi-monthly event, which we’re aiming to make a monthly event due to this becoming an extremely popular event. Initially set up as an event to encourage future-gazing in the content marketing space, this panel event became a popular event for teams of varied experience to attend. More recently, we’ve been working with members to promote their younger members of staff, so the Future Content Session became a safe space for like-minded individuals to talk about why they do what they do, what they love doing, and also what they think is the next big thing!


We believe the best way to keep up with an ever-changing industry like ours, is to ensure you're challenging yourself to the latest trends and developments. This is why we've created our best training programme yet, including a new range of courses; which looks at helping everyone from those just starting in the content industry, right up to Director level. With full day courses frozen at just £299, we wanted to make sure that our training was available for all of our members.